Film director, actor and virtual reality creator. Lui was born in Brazil in 1992, where he got a degree in Image and Sound from the University of São Carlos. In 2020, he premiered his first short film as a writer, director and actor, "Offline", selected for the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana, Outfest Los Angeles, Hof International Film Festival, amongst others.

He wrote and directed a 360 virtual reality short film, "Handwritten", as a result from his Master's studies at the Fine Arts Academy from the University of Lisbon, in which he develops the term "Virtual Reality Essay Film". "Handwritten" premiered at Festival DOK Leipzig 2021.

He was selected and became a finalist at the Biennale College Cinema - Virtual Reality 2022 program, from La Biennale di Venezia, where he developed the interactive virtual reality film "Queer Utopia".

In 2023 he was selected by the Short Form Station from Berlinale Talents, where he developed a virtual reality experimental installation named "Liminal Spaces".

He's currently a PhD candidate at the Fine Arts Faculty from the University of Lisbon, where he investigates the intersection between avant-garde cinema and virtual reality.
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